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How to Remove a Stripped Screw from a Shower Faucet

Fixing bathroom problems are not so easy as plumbers can do. But it doesn’t mean you can do that. You can also fix some small problems as fixing the bathtub, faucet, fans, etc. I saw so many people are looking for the solution to “How to Remove a Stripped Screw from a Shower Faucet”. You don’t have to worry about it. In our guide, you can easily strip screws from any shower faucet.

It isn’t very pleasant when it gets stripped, especially at the time of removing this.

To solve the puzzle, I will talk about some of the ways you can remove the stripped screw from your shower faucet, along with some tips on how not to strip them while working.

But before we jump to the steps, you need to know some basic things. First of all, you need to know the screw type. Without knowing the perfect types of screws, you cannot gather the right equipment you need.

How to Remove a Stripped Screw from a Shower Faucet

Types of screws that are used in the shower faucets

To remove those stubborn demons, we first need to know what type does your shower has. There are mainly two types of screws that are used in shower faucets. Please take a look at yours and identify which one it is.

Allen Head: 

It has another name which is a socket head cap screw, a unique type of fastener. It’s mainly used in machines. It has a small cylindrical head that contains a hexagonal socket along with a threaded end. It needs an Allen wrench for fastening and loosening job.

Phillips’s head:

Its head is cross-shaped. They come in many sizes. It would be best if you used a Philips screwdriver to fasten or loosening it.

How to Remove a Stripped Phillips head Screw from a Shower Faucet:

We can’t just start the work empty-handed. So, we need to collect some essential things that we require in this process. Here is a list of what we need during this process-

  • Screw extractors
  • Power drill machine
  • Hammer
  • Metal drill bit
  • Adjustable wrench or locking pliers

Have all these tools at home or finished collecting them? Good. Now let’s get to work.

Step 1: Finding A Perfect Screw Extractor and Arranging the Drill

You need to make a hole in the screw with a drilling machine. So first, you need to check the size of your screw and choose a screw extractor that fits it perfectly.

Usually screw extractor set has a lot of variety of sizes to choose from. So, you won’t have a hard time finding the right one for you. After finding that, you need to attach a cobalt-made drill bit to the drilling machine.

Step 2: Drill A Hole

Now we are ready to drill a hole. Turn on the drilling machine and start making a hole in the center of Philip’s head. Continue to carefully drill until it reaches the bottom of the Allen or Philips head.

Once it reaches the bottom, carefully remove the drill bit by reversing it. This step is important. The size of the extractor and the hole have to match, or else it won’t fit inside the hole. Now we can go to our next step.

Step 3: Placing the Screw Extractor into The Hole

Now that you have done the drilling work insert the screw extractor in that drilled hole. First, firmly place it on the hole and then use a hammer to secure it in its place. If the hole is small for the extractor to fit in perfectly, you have to take a step back and make the hole a little bigger and see if it fits.

Step 4: Remove the Screw

Now take your adjustable wrench and place it to the right on the head of the screw extractor and tighten it. It should be able to hold the extractor tightly. Once you have done this, you need to turn the wrench counterclockwise. As you keep continuing to turn, you will be able to see the stripped screw coming out. Keep on turning until the whole thing comes out.

How to remove stripped Allen head screw:

Now, if your bathroom has Allen screws, then you can use the following tips. This will help you to remove the stripped saw effortlessly.

Using The Rubber Band Technique:

You can use a rubber band to remove the stripped screw. How? Well wrap the rubber band over the stripped screw and insert the screwdriver for Allen head right on the rubber. Next, what you have to do is, rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise, and this will gradually start to come out.

Using Liquid Friction:

You can use liquid friction to solve the problem. This kind of works like the rubber band trick. You can buy and apply it to the Allen head. This will increase the friction between the Allen head and the screwdriver.

However, it is not a very reliable technique as it doesn’t increase the friction on a badly stripped screw. But if your screw is not completely stripped, then this might work. But in my opinion, it’s good to stick with the rubber band tip.

Some Tips on Not Stripping Your Screw:

Are you tired of having stripped screw and annoyed at the time of removing it? Don’t worry; we have some tips and tricks that will help you not to strip it.

It would be best if you don’t use electrical tools to drive them. Drills are good for making holes, but they can’t provide enough torque at low speed to drive screws properly. So, they end up stripping the screw.

Take a minute to match the screwdriver’s head and the screw head size. If the screwdriver is too big or too small, you will have difficulty have a problem during attaching or removing it, and it is more likely to be stripped.

If your screw is branded, use the screwdriver from the same brand because it will give you the best torque and less slippage.

When using a screwdriver, try to fit them snugly into the screw head without any gap on it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answer:

  1. How do you remove screws when you don’t have a screwdriver?

If you can’t find your screwdriver, but want to remove the screw, you can use alternative ways.

  • Coin
  • Butter knife
  • Thumbnail
  • Hacksaw
  • And any other things that can work as a screwdriver.


  1. How do you get a broken screw out of a shower handle?

You can take a hacksaw and cut around the stem for about ¼ inches from the end. Then you can unscrew the piece. After unscrewing the piece, then two things are likely to happen. One, either the screw will come out, or second, the screw will be visible enough to grab them with pliers. Then all you need to do is pull that out, and you can get back to the work you were doing.

  1. Will wd40 help loosen an Allen or Philips head?

Yes, it helps you loosen an Allen or Philips head. If your screw is stuck in a place and you can’t get it out, then you can use a bolt loosening spray. Wd40 is one of those sprays.


Stripped screws are a total headache. It’s hard and annoying to remove them with the regular screwdrivers you use. So, the question is – How to Remove a Stripped Screw from a Shower Faucet?

In this article, we tried our best to give you a step-by-step solution to this question. We hope you find this helpful. Keep in mind that you can use the same techniques to remove a stripped screw from the shower faucet and any surface.

The work is really easy when you have the right tool and know how to do it right. So, I hope you get your solution and can remove those stripped screws.


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