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Steps on How to Take A Bath Properly

Taking a bath sound straightforward yet is a process that requires many preparations. A bath is meant to clean your body. However, you can use a bath for therapeutic purposes. In either case, some preparations are necessary. It is essential to learn how to take a bath properly, whether or not you are using a bathtub. Understanding the importance of each step will make appreciate why you need to change your bathing style. Besides, learning a few additions will make your bathing more beneficial to your health.   Are you interested in knowing more about how to bath and its benefits? Then you have to stay on this page.

Why You Need to Take A Bath

Taking a bath is essential. It has numerous benefits. Such benefits include relieving stress, opening up pores when you use warm water, giving you a fresh and fabulous smell, promotes good sleep, relaxes muscles, and is just fun to bathe. Besides, when you use essential oils in your bathing water, you’ll be performing aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is vital to healing your skin, relieving aches, and giving you a younger look. You must understand the steps to take a bath to enjoy your bath.

Preparations to Take A Bath

Ensure that your bathroom is clean and warm. Then bring together all the essential products you need. If you are using a bathtub, you need to fill it with water, and if not, load your basin or bucket with water. If you are using warm water, then it should be about 38 degrees Celsius, to prevent scalding. Do you want a relaxing bath? You can use fragrances. After your bathtub is two-thirds full, you can add your natural essential oils and bath salts.

Steps on How To Take A Bath Properly

How long do you take to bath? This highly varies from one individual to another. However, ensure you keep your time below 30 minutes. Longer time in your tub can cause severe dehydration, a side effect of hot water and soaps. Do you know how to take a bath? It is easy. The essential thing is to ensure that you clean every part of your body.

A typical bathroom with a bathtub

You might start with a shower first before you go into your tub. You can start by washing your hair/head before you go to the body. Use a washcloth and soap. Where your hand cannot reach (back), you can use a soft brush to scrub. Ensure you rinse yourself properly. From the tub, you might consider having a cleansing shower.

If you are in a hotel, would consider using their bathtub?  A tub is the best alternative after a long day, do you know how to use a bathtub in the hotel? The process remains the same. But, ensure you clean it thoroughly before taking your breathtaking bath.

Have you ever tried a bubble shower? Let’s see how to take a bubble bath. Many bubbles in your bath water are fun. So, if you want many bubbles, you must select a product that produces more bubbles. Besides, consider the following;

  • Adding the bubble product when the water is about an inch high in your tub. Add it just beneath the faucet.
  • Consider increasing water pressure to get more bubbles
  • You can use a soap spinner.

These steps will guarantee you maximum bubbles for a fun bath.

What happens if you do not have a bathtub? You can still have a fantastic shower experience without a bathtub. You should first prepare your bathroom, by assembling all you need. Your water might be in a bucket or basin. You might consider placing the water at a higher point (e.g., stool) so that you do not bend down to get water. You must have a ladle to enable you to scoop water.

Bath Bubble

First, wash your head/hair. To do so, you must apply enough water and soap, then scrub using a soft brush. Cleanse your head using water. Use a ladle to pour water on your head while slightly bending.  After this, pour the water, soap mixture on your body, as slowly wash off the sweat and dirt using a washcloth. Ensure you scrub your feet to remove dead skin using a more robust brush.

Then, using the ladle, apply clean water (water without soap or essential oil) to remove the soap. This is how to take a bath without a bathtub. Alternatively, you can use a shower. The use of a shower is even quicker. The only difference is the shower water cannot be enhanced with essential oils.

Things to Note

  • Do not take long in a bathtub. If you do, apply a moisturizer immediately.
  • Bath salts dehydrate skins, but, they are excellent muscle relaxers if you use them to keep your bath short.
  • Hot water can dry your skin
  • If you need bubbles, use bubble baths then have hydrating oils or you can add.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get clean in a bath?

Getting clean depends on how you clean your bathtub. Maintaining the cleanliness of your bathtub is essential. After every bath, ensure you wash it thoroughly and wipe it dry. This way you keep away fungi and molds. Also, consider taking a short shower after a bath, primarily if you used essential oils or bubble products.

What is the best way to take a bath?

A good bath is when you clean yourself thoroughly, whether you are using a shower or a tub. That means you must clean every part of your body. You need plenty of clean, warm water. You can use plain water, or you can add essential oils, Epsom salts, or bath bubbles. Ensure your washcloth can remove the dirt.

Do you take a shower after a bath?

This is optional. However, if you have had a bubble bath, it is recommended to take a shower to cleanse. Generally, a shower after a bath is essential for rinsing off conditioners, masks, or oils that may be on your skin.

How long should you soak in a bath?

The amount of time depends on the contents of your bath solution and the temperature of the water. However, on average, you can soak a bath for between 15 – 30 minutes. This way you get the maximum benefit.

Where should the shower head be placed?

The best place to set up the showerhead is on top of the roof. If you’re using a bathtub, you can adjust the showerhead left or right side of your bathtub according to your bathtub position. Also, for a bathtub handheld showerhead is the best option.

What can I put in my bath water?

Bathing is the time to relax. In your bath water, you can add fragrances, essential oils, bubble baths, and bathe salts among others. Always add these components in moderation.


After a long day takes a bath to relax. Soaking yourself in the warm water with bathing salts, essential oils and bubbles makes it fun as well as conferring numerous health benefits. With at least 15 minutes in your bathtub, you get you open the pores on your skin, relax your muscles and rejuvenate your skin. Essential oils give you the much-needed aromatherapy treatment.

If you are taking a bath after work, be assured of the best night’s sleep, and if it is a morning shower, you’ll have a bright day ahead. However, to have a nice bath, you must have a clean bathtub. So, clean your tub after every bathe you take. Always make sure that your bathroom is clean. You can spray fragrances to give them your personal touch. I hope my article will help to find the answer to how to take a bath properly.


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