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How to Clean Shower Head: Easy Guide

At times, your shower head does not produce water with enough pressure to give you a relaxing shower. This might be frustrating, right? In such cases, your shower head is clogged. Water has dissolved mineral. These minerals accumulate at times to higher levels enough to cause clogging. Calcium deposits, lime, and rust are significant culprits. Also, molds can clog the small nozzles.

When faced with such a scenario, it is time to unclog those shower head holes. Removing the debris will improve water flow. Do you know how to clean shower head holes? First, you must understand the available methods. While most people will employ the use of chemicals like vinegar and baking soda, a few people would rather use using a brush or a toothpick and water to remove the debris.

Tips on How to Clean Shower Head

Before you clean your shower head, it is essential to understand its structure. Some showerheads come with protected finishing like chrome and stainless steel. If you scrub such faces, you’ll destroy them. You can clean your shower head while attached or you can remove it. If you choose to use chemicals, it depends on what you intend to clear from the head.

1. Cleaning Without Removing the Shower Head

If your showerhead has a sleek finish, I bet you wouldn’t want to destroy it. This method will work well. This is the best method of how to clean shower head with baking soda. What do you need to accomplish this procedure? A mid-sized sturdy plastic bag, a rubber band, and baking soda will work on your clogged shower head holes.  You can mix baking soda and vinegar in the ratio 1:3 respectively.


  • In your plastic bag, place the mixture of vinegar and baking soda: mixing the two will cause the production of bubbles. It is prudent to mixt this elsewhere before placing it in your plastic bag. The importance of having the two is that they’ll react to produce carbonic acid, beneficial cleaning agent.
  • Slip your rubber band over the shower head on to the shower head arm. You can loop it twice if you want a tighter hold.
  • Attach the sturdy plastic bag (filled with the mixture) on to the shower arm, and over the shower head. Ensure you slip the plastic bag under the rubber band. Ensure the solution completely covers the shower head.
  • If you do this at night leave it overnight. However, this process can take place over 2 hours. Remove the bag and let the shower run for a minute, and wipe the shower head.

Do you know how to clean a shower head with bleach? Well, follow the same procedure, but, use only the bleach. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instruction while diluting the bleach.

2. Removing the Shower Head

If you want to do a thorough cleaning, then it is prudent to remove the shower head. This way you get to clean in details. This can be a better method of how to clean shower head without vinegar. This will mean you open the inner parts and clean manually using a cleaning product or bleach as alternatives to vinegar.

  • The first step here is to disconnect the shower head. Use a wrench to unscrew the nut. If you do not want to want to damage the stylish finish, you can cushion your wrench using a piece of cloth. Avoid using pliers at whatever cost.
  • Rinse your shower head buy running a blast of water over it. To do so turn it upside down and place it just beneath the faucet. Use a toothbrush to scrub the surface. Apply a little cleaning agent. A toothpick can remove debris from individual holes too.
  • If the limescale or rust is logged within the system, you can dismantle the showerhead and clean the parts individually. Limescale can be stubborn; learning how to clean shower head limescale can be a very critical step. To remove the stubborn scale, use the abrasive baking soda.

How to Maintain Your Shower Head

After cleaning your shower head, it is essential to maintain it. Cleaning it will reduce the significant buildup of unwanted substances especially the bio-film. The best way to maintain it is to spray vinegar-based cleaners weekly. Then, you can scrub the nozzles using a brush to remove residues. Run the water to rinse the shower head.


How do you clean a clogged shower head?

There are various ways to unclog your shower head. However, using vinegar is the most used method. You can soak the shower head in a mixture of water and white vinegar (ratio 1:1) for an hour or 2, sometimes overnight. This is followed by rinsing using water.

How do I remove limescale from my shower head?

Limescale can be stubborn. However, few chemicals are potent in removing them. You can employ the use of bleaching agent, cleaning products or a mix of vinegar and baking soda. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar in ratio 1:3 makes a powerful cleaning agent. When you soak your shower head for an hour, it will only take a little scrubbing to remove the limescale.

What do you soak a shower head in to clean it?

You can soak in vinegar, bleach, lemon juice or baking soda solution. The amount of time you soak varies with the concentration of the solution.

Can a dirty shower head make you sick?

If the showerhead harbors harmful bacteria, then you’ll get sick. Some bacteria found in the shower can cause pulmonary diseases. However, a standard shower head has many harmless bacteria. Mineral deposits majorly cause the clogging of the shower heads. Such deposits cannot cause diseases. Molds, on the other hand, are quite harmful. They can cause some allergic reactions, rashes, and nausea among other conditions. Molds can build up within your showerhead if you are not careful. Controlling them is important.

How do you clean a moldy shower head?

Molds can be very toxic to your health. To clean a shower head with molds, you’ll have to remove it, disable it before soaking it in a mixture of vinegar and water or vinegar and baking soda. Give it 30 minutes then thoroughly scrub both the inner and the outer parts carefully and thoroughly. Re-soak again in the mixture before a final scrub. Rinse the head in clean running water and sun-dry it, before reattaching it back.

How do you deep clean a shower head?

A deep clean implies you are removing all possible dirt. Take a cup of vinegar and add it in 3 cups of water that is extremely hot (boiling water). Soak your shower head in the vinegar water for half an hour and then scrub it thoroughly using an old toothbrush. Remove the dirt and return it in the vinegar water for an extra 15 minutes. Thoroughly scrub again, then rinse in clean water. Completely air-dry the shower head, before returning it.


Maintaining a clear shower head is essential. From such a showerhead, you’ll get the right pressure to give you the best shower. Besides, the risks of getting an illness are significantly reduced. Cleaning a shower takes a few steps, and you can do it yourself at home. And after cleaning, ensure that you often maintain to prevent such build-ups.

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