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How to Select the Best Bath Rug and Bath Mat

Bath mats and rugs are essential additions in your bathroom. Apart from just preventing water spillage to the floor, they also give a fantastic finish to your bathroom. How is your bathroom floor like? I bet your bathroom has that exceptional bathroom tile finish. You’ll agree with me that tiles can be very slippery, right? Right from the tub, you need something to stand on, at least to dry your feet, considering the fact that you might slip and fall.  I guess you are interested in knowing more about the right mat and rugs for your bathroom. Read on for more insights.

What Is the Difference Between Bath Rug And Bath Mat?

A bath mat is also called a tub mat, and it is usually taken as feet drying piece of clothing. In essence, it acts as a towel for your feet. From the bathtub, the where you step on is the tub mat/ bath mat. It absorbs the water that was on your body. On the other hand, a bat rug is a versatile piece of fabric that you can put in your bathroom. It just does not absorb excess water buy from your body after the shower or a bath, but it also prevents you from slipping on wet floors as well giving your bathroom an elegant look.

Features of Bath Rugs and Bath Mats

Do you have a bath rug in your bathroom? Imagine you stepping on a wet rug after your warm bath, how does it feel? It can be disgusting. If you’d take time to analyze you’ll realize your bath mat is made from poor quality material. To avoid such scenarios, it is essential to look for rugs that have the following features.Best-Bath-Mat-Material

  • Highly absorbent: such rugs and mats take the shortest time to absorb water. The best bath mat material is cotton and microfibers. Some have been made from wood.
  • Easy to wash: while purchasing a rug, ensure you buy that which you can easily clean with your machine. Don’t buy mats that will easily stain.
  • Anti-slip: imagine stepping on a rug, and it slides along the floor. For sure, this will send you flying. It might cause injuries. Consider purchasing a rug with capabilities not to slip and the anti-skid rubber layer
  • Size: the size of your rug or mat depending on the size of your bathroom. A larger bathroom might require a larger mat or rug. However, whatever the size, it should perform the desired function appropriately.
  • Price: you need not to break the bank to get the best rug for your bathroom. The market offers a large number of high quality but cheap rugs.
  • Color: the rugs come in different color. You’ll select colors based on the theme of your bathroom. Prominent colors include white bathroom rug sets, orange, purple and blue.


Mat/rugMaterial sizePrice
Utopia Towels Floor Matcotton21 x 34-inch$15 (2 Pack)
FlamingoP Memory Foam RugMemory foam24 x17 inches$8
Lifewit Shaggy Bath Matmicrofiber20 x32 inches$20
Bedford Home Memory Foam Shag Bath MatPolyester chenille, memory foam2 feet x 5 feet$46
Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat,memory foam microfiber$25

If you’re in touch with your bathroom, you know where you always step after your bath. In that case, that is where to place bathroom rugs. If you use a shower, you just might consider setting your rugs and mats just outside your bathroom – at the door. After your shower, you’ll step on them on your way out.

Are bath mats necessary? The importance of rugs and mats can’t be overlooked in any bathroom. If you want style, comfort, and fashion in your bathroom, you need a rug. Besides, if you want to prevent water flowing all over the floor of your bathroom, rugs and mats are the easiest way out. They’ll absorb water within minutes. It is also good practice to hang your rugs outside to dry or after washing. Are you stuck on where to hang bath mat? A hang line will do better.


Can you use a regular rug as a bath mat?

Bath rugs are versatile. Within the bathroom, they do all jobs perfectly. They keep your floors dry, the enhance color and beauty, and you can use them as a towel extension for your feet. In short, bath rug can serve a similar purpose to a bath mat, provided you know where to place bathroom rugs. Position them properly; in order to tap their benefits.

What is the best material for a bath mat?

The best material for a bath mat is cotton and microfiber. Wood also makes excellent material. These materials have been verified by independent users and ascertained to be the best due to their high absorbency capacity. They are also, very easy to clean.

How do I keep my bath rug from slipping?

Rugs are manufactured with anti-slip properties. On the lower side, they have a rubber finish that firmly adheres to the floor or the tiles. This way they do not readily move when you step on them. If your rug easily slides, it might make you fall and possibly injure you severely. Consider replacing it with the one that has rubber on the lower side.

What’s the best bath mat?

The best mat should give you the best services. To determine this, you have to look at the different features it possesses, For instance, anti-slip properties, high absorbency, easy to clean and its ability to dry faster after a wash. The market has numerous brands of such mats. While buying always put in mind these factors.

What is the average size of a bath mat?

Bathtubs mats come in various sizes. The majority have 20 x32 inches and 24 x17 inches. Few large variations occur – 2 feet x 5 feet. You’ll pick your sizes depending on your liking and the size of your bathroom.

What is the best bath mat material?

The best bath mat material is that which can absorb all the water within a few minutes. It will be very disgusting to find that your tub mat is still wet when you take your next shower. Cotton and microfiber have been rated as the best material, considering their high absorbing power.


Bat rugs and mats give your bathroom the best final touch. You might have been overlooking the importance of these bathroom accessories for long, but at least now you know how important they are. Having a few will add beauty to your bathroom. Are you aware that rugs and mats in your bathroom increase the level of hygiene? Yes, they do. When they absorb all the water, they keep the floors dry. This way, bacteria, and fungi have no room for growth. Molds will no longer be a menace in your bathroom.

In summary, you will have no germs, you reduce chances of slipping and falling in your bathroom, and you maintain the beauty of your bathroom with these versatile pieces of fabric. How? They come in different colors and designs. Your favorite color will definitely blend with the color of your bathroom. Remember to keep them always dry.


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