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About Us

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It’s a pleasure having you here and welcome to our website Sweet Home Kit. This is the website that gives you everything about bathroom fixes, items, and what you need to make your bathroom standout any day.

Why You Need a Great Bathroom

Like you might have noticed, the bathroom is the most frequented area around the home. Not only by your family, but also with the other loved ones. Take for instance a birthday party for your little gal; which room is left open for everyone?

You must have guessed that right. If that’s the case, it is very important that we make the bathroom really great.

A dirty bathroom will harbor bacteria and leave your loved ones with full blown infections. A bathroom with broken fixtures will be quite annoying and pretty much a no go zone for many people. And a dull bathroom is also pretty lonely too.

That’s why we need a properly designed, cared for, and highly maintained bathroom. And what better way can you do that if not by giving your bathroom the most appropriate fixes and appliances?

How to Do It

We got that right. Too bad most of us are too busy juggling between work, school, parenting, and home chores to think of the bathroom. But not to worry we understand. That’s why we are here to help you out.

My love for bathrooms, interior décor, and efficient homes has allowed me to spare so much time to follow up this art. We understand the latest bathroom trends, the type of fixtures you need, how to make your bathroom efficient and more importantly why you need that little help you are looking for.

And we extend that hand of friendship to give you all the help you need so you can have a breathtaking bathroom design.

Why Us

In our blog we won’t have only what your bathroom needs. No! We will give you numerous home tips, care and maintenance ideas, Do It Yourself tips, and many other need to know “How To” ideas.

We are striving to make the best out of every one of us. In fact we understand that the bathroom cannot stand alone if the rest of the home is broken. Without an efficient home the peace and tranquility that the bathroom holds won’t be enough.

What We Do

We are going to show you how to maintain your home and your bathroom fixtures to minimize damages. We will give you pointers on how to:

  • Fix broken shower heads
  • Fix leaking toilets
  • Replace damaged flappers
  • Restore leaky showers and faucets
  • Install toilets
  • Change bathroom designs
  • Purchase new bathroom appliances

We will test new designs that work, provide you with the top-rated choices, test and compare appliances before we recommend them to you, and basically, save you the hassle of having to do all these by yourself.

Our work isn’t just limited to that. You can also contact us and get more tips on what you need to know. We are here to make your home the awesome castle you have always dreamed of and it start right at your bathroom.

If you need any help feel free to contact us


John Roussel

Amdin, Sweethomekit